Jun 21, 2017
Don't be Wack
Jun 19, 2017
Does this affect you too?
Jun 16, 2017
King of Clean Teeth
The King of Rock and Roll loved more than singing and shaking his hips. Elvis Presley was obsessed with brushing his teeth!
Jun 14, 2017
Baby Teeth
Jun 9, 2017
Jun 5, 2017
Should Braces Hurt?
It’s normal for your teeth and gums to feel tender after your appointments, but if the discomfort does not fade away in a day or so, speak to your doctor.
Jun 2, 2017
When you're full, you're focused
Staying still in the dentist's chair is easier when you have a happy tummy, so be sure to eat a healthy snack before you come in for your next visit. You can always brush your teeth before your appointment when you get here!
May 31, 2017
Get your Gum Game on Point!
May 29, 2017
Is there bacteria in your mouth right now?
Yep, there definitely is, which is why it's best to brush after each meal, or AT LEAST twice a day.
May 26, 2017
What's the fastest way to get out of braces?
Wearing your rubber bands, retainers, and other appliances that your orthodontist suggests.